The materials below were developed in partnership with congregate care organizations in Massachusetts to go along with the video, Stay safe! Your guide to personal protective equipment.


Break room poster

Print this break room poster with three key messages – practice good hygiene, don’t come to work if you are sick, and know how to safely use PPE.


    Flyer with general COVID-19 information

    This contains the same information as the poster, but is formatted as an 8.5x11 flyer with a white background for easy printing.

      PPE Flyer 3 Steps

      Flyer with step-by-step guide to wearing personal protective equipment (PPE)

      Print this 8.5x11 flyer or view it online. It includes step-by-step instructions on how to don and doff PPE that go along with the video.

        Wash Hands

        Keep your hands clean flyer

        Print out this flyer and hang it near sinks in your facility.

        Powerpoint Home Care


        Supervisors may use this PowerPoint to educate staff on the three key messages on the above poster and flyer.

          Quiz Cong


          Send this to staff members to test their knowledge about donning and doffing PPE.