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Build a multi-disciplinary advisory committee and assess the current state of support at your organization

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Things to consider

Peer support: Healthcare professionals supporting each other after adverse medical events   Research Story

This article is about the journey to create a peer support program at Brigham and Women's Hospital in 2005 with a multidisciplinary advisory group. Read the article

Clinician and staff surveys   TOOL

Survey staff before implementation for a baseline to compare after the program is in place. You may want to add your own questions, like these from the University of Missouri Health Systems.

Examples of peer support programs  TOOL

What support program will work in your organization? Use these examples from several organizations to help guide your decision.

List of things to consider for the advisory group  TOOL

Use this list to begin discussions within your advisory group. Read the list

“Healing the Healer” documentary  STORY

This dramatic film from CRICO exposes the painful impact on clinicians when patient care goes awry, along with support programs being implemented to help them cope. Watch the video

Play the 20-minute film at a grandrounds to get the conversation started.