Maternal deaths are rising. People of color, particularly Black people, experience starkly higher rates of pregnancy-related morbidity and mortality and infant mortality than white people in Massachusetts. The Betsy Lehman Center is working on several initiatives to advance maternal health and safety while prioritizing health equity.

Partnering with the Perinatal-Neonatal Quality Improvement Network of Massachusetts

PNQIN is a voluntary collaboration of hospitals, health care providers, public health officials, community organizations and families working together to provide safe and high-quality health care for mothers and babies by sharing information and best practices. The Betsy Lehman Center serves as the data custodian for PNQIN, collecting and analyzing key metrics for the Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) and Levels of Care Assessment Tool (LOCATe).

Expanding access to doula services in Massachusetts

Doula support services are linked to improvements in overall maternal wellbeing, pregnancy outcomes, and newborn care. Yet, health plans seldom cover these services and very few providers in Massachusetts offer doula support as part of birthing care. As the state considers new policies to increase access to doula support services, the Betsy Lehman Center conducted a survey and hosted focus groups with both doulas and consumers to help inform the decision-making process. 


Doula support services

A report summarizing findings from a survey of practicing doulas and focus groups with both doulas and consumers

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Levels of Care Assessment Tool

This tool is being implemented across the state to ensure women and infants receive care at a facility that aligns with their risk.

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Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health

AIM works to align national, state and hospital quality improvement efforts. We are working with AIM to measure severe maternal morbidity rates in Massachusetts.

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Webinars and town halls

We partner with organizations across the state to host virtual events that share best practices in maternal health and safety

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