The Patient and Family Peer Support Network is here to help with the difficult feelings that arise after something goes wrong during medical care. If this happened to you or someone you love, you can talk to others who have been there about your emotions and needs.

Difficult feelings are common after a medical injury

Sometimes, during medical treatments, things don’t go as planned. This could be because of a medical error, unanticipated outcome or a known complication. Others who have gone through this experience say they have had feelings like:

    • trouble sleeping or eating
    • anger, guilt, or frustration
    • trouble thinking or concentrating
    • images or thoughts of the event that occur in unexpected moments
    • depressed mood, irritability, loss of interest or pleasure
    • drug or alcohol abuse
    • feelings of inadequacy and loneliness
    • loss of trust
    • feelings that health professionals don’t care about you
    • a desire to connect with others experiencing similar trauma

    But help is available

    If this has happened to you or someone you love, the Patient and Family Peer Support Network is here to help. Call the Betsy Lehman Center at the number below. A member of our staff will connect you with a peer supporter. 

    Peer supporters are trained volunteers who understand what you are going through, are excellent listeners, and can help you and your family find resources you may need during a difficult time. 

    Contact the peer support team

    Telephone: (617) 701-8271

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    Help promote the peer support network

    Watch the video, download graphics, and request copies of the Patient and Family Peer Support Network brochure.

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    Volunteer to be a peer supporter

    Make an impact in the lives of others going through a difficult time.

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