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Health care providers want to deliver quality care without causing harm. A safety plan will help your organization take an approach that is systematic and effective.

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Where To Start table image - click link for HTML table
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Creating a patient safety plan for your organization

Your health care organization has distinct needs when it comes to developing a patient safety plan. Whether you are beginning new patient safety efforts or advancing work on an existing plan, each section below offers practical resources.

The tools can be used in any order. Choose a topic area below that you would like to work on and get started. If you aren't sure where to begin, use this chart to help identify the needs of your organization.

plan these essential elements
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Decide who will oversee safety activities

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Set goals and look for opportunities for progress

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Prepare how your team will respond to an adverse event

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Foster a shared understanding of best practices

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Make small, evidence-based changes

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Track data to identify effective changes

Seed your success
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Make a commitment to patient safety, starting at the top

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Establish ways to share concerns and suggestions

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Create a collaborative environment where patients come first

This page was adapted from the Betsy Lehman Center's Patient Safety Navigator. Visit the Navigator website to learn more about analyzing adverse events, communicating in the aftermath of serious harm, and reporting medical errors to state and federal agencies.