An essential part of the health care continuum

Because of the availability of home care, many thousands of the Commonwealth’s older adults and people with disabilities are able to remain in their homes and communities, easing the burden on more intensive care settings like hospitals and nursing homes. 

The Betsy Lehman Center has partnered with home care organizations across the state to research the needs of this growing sector of health care, and provide resources to improve safety for both aides and consumers.

Safe Home Care Video

For home care clients

Use this video and safety handbook produced with the UMass Lowell Safe Home Care Project to prepare your home for safe care.

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For home care workers

Learn about infection control and using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with this video and toolkit.

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Blue State Seal Mobile

For policymakers

The impact of COVID-19 on home health (Dec 2020), A survey of home care agency managers

From the frontlines (Jan 2021), Focus group research with home care workers