Getting better at telehealth, together

Massachusetts Health Quality Partners is conducting a series of surveys to help clinicians share what they are learning from their telehealth experiences and quickly adapt to the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the past few weeks, MHQP piloted a rapid feedback survey process to get a view of what it has been like for health care providers across the state to make a dramatic, sudden shift to a new way of providing much of their care. More than 130 clinicians shared their insights and ideas in the first survey.

Each subsequent survey, designed to take about five minutes to complete, will build on the knowledge gained from the prior one to create a dynamic learning system. According to Barbra Rabson, President and CEO of MHQP, quick and widespread adoption of telehealth over the past several months has presented both challenges and opportunities. “This enables us to quickly learn, distill and share more broadly to help the entire profession use telehealth in a way that contributes to the safety and quality of care in the state,” she says.

All clinicians are invited to participate. MHQP will share findings and feedback after each round of surveys.

Learn more about MHQP’s “Together for Better Telehealth” survey.

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