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We use research and findings from our initiatives to develop resources that inform, educate and support providers and patients in advancing safety.

For Providers: Create a Patient Safety Plan

Use proven tools to develop new ways to ensure patient safety during routine visits and procedures.

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For Providers: Respond to Errors - The Patient Safety Navigator

Use this step-by-step tool to guide the way your organization responds to and reports a medical error or other adverse event to a state or federal agency.

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For Patients & Families: Resources

Here you'll find guides for communicating with your health care providers, reporting a concern about the safety of the care you received, and more.

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For Patients & Families: CompareCare Massachusetts

Patients are increasingly urged to approach medical care as consumers — by comparison shopping for best value — but lack the tools to do so.

CompareCare is a tool that publishes safety and quality ratings, decision support materials, and average prices for almost 300 medical procedures in Massachusetts, brought to you by the state's Center for Health Information and Analysis.

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