Make an impact in the lives of others

Medical error and unexpected outcomes affect tens of thousands of Massachusetts patients and their loved ones each year but there are few services in place to support them in the aftermath of an adverse event. The Betsy Lehman Center is forming a Patient and Family Peer Support Network to fill that void. The network will provide an opportunity for people to talk to others who have been there. The Center will select and train volunteers to serve as peer supporters so they can help other patients and family members in the aftermath of these difficult medical events.

Become a peer supporter

Patients and their families benefit from connecting with people who have been through a similar experience. Serving as a peer supporter is an opportunity to make an impact in the lives of others going through a difficult time.

If you are interested in becoming a peer supporter, please complete the interest form available here. The next step will be an interview with Betsy Lehman Center staff. For more information, please email

If you are in need of support now, please contact the peer support team at or call (617) 701-8271.