The Massachusetts Healthcare Safety and Quality Consortium is an unprecedented undertaking that recognizes the potential for major breakthroughs in reducing preventable harm through a sustained multi-stakeholder effort to identify and drive transformative, systemic change.


Members of the Consortium are working together at an accelerated pace to develop and oversee a strategy and action plan for achieving major gains in the safety and quality of care delivered in all care settings throughout the Commonwealth. The Consortium draws upon the deep expertise of the Commonwealth’s health care community, bringing together 35 essential partners, including providers, patients, government agencies, and others who play a role in the provision, payment, or oversight of health care. 

In 2020, the Consortium published the Roadmap to Healthcare Safety for Massachusettsa statewide strategic plan that sets forth a vision and goals to propel investment, action and transformative change on safety across the Commonwealth’s health care continuum. The Roadmap’s purpose is to guide and sustain progress toward these common goals over time. Like any strategic plan, it will help stakeholders set priorities, invest in high impact initiatives, and avoid low-yield distractions. The Roadmap also will help Massachusetts engage with promising safety initiatives and resources beyond its borders, including the recently released National Action Plan for Patient Safety.

The Consortium organizes its work around four “pillars” of safety and quality:

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    These four pillars, or domains, of safety are interdependent and drive or are driven by safety culture. They apply to all health care settings across the continuum.

    Read the Roadmap and send us an email if you’d like to participate in this effort.



    Organizations from across the state’s health care community

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