Safety news roundup

To help the patient safety community stay abreast of recent developments, we offer highlights of newly published studies, policy announcements, and other news affecting health care safety in Massachusetts.

  • Misdiagnosis results in death or permanent disability for nearly 800,000 Americans each year according to a new study. Researchers applied accepted rates of diagnostic error to estimates of disease incidence across all settings to calculate the new estimate.
  • Working with the Health Equity Compact, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation estimates health inequities cost $5.9 million annually in the state. A new report provides background and methodology, including how to calculate avoidable health care spending and lost labor productivity due to poor health, plus the value of lost years due to premature death across all populations.
  • The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System's annual report for 2022 shows some unexpected results. While the overall number of incidents decreased, the number of serious and high harm events increased. Pennsylvania collects more data on patient harm events than any state in the country.
  • September is Sepsis Awareness Month. Join the Betsy Lehman Center in spreading the word to Massachusetts residents on how to be “Sepsis Smart,” with materials available in English and Spanish.

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